SUMMARY: Need Software for FastStor DLT4000

From: Mark (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 10:00:11 CDT

Sorry for the late summary as I was reminded by David Thorburn-Gundlach. :)
Thanks for all who replied.

My original problem/questions

> My company just purchased (2) FastStor DLT4000 tape
> drive which contains up to 7 data cartridges.
> Q1:
> Can anyone recommend a software package to access
> this tape drive?


Check out this site.

$450 for 3 commands:
jbinit: to initialize the jukebox
jbstatus: to tell jukebox status/tape locations
movejb: to move tape from magazine to DLT driv

Also, Legato (Solstice Backup) or NetBackup (Solstice Enterprise Backup) both
handle tape stackers/robots.

> Q2:
> Are there Unix commands that can access the tape loader
> and change tapes?





Mark Hargrave, Sr. Unix Systems Manager
Lockheed Martin Michoud Space Systems
New Orleans, LA


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