Summary: Crash dump analysis

From: William Kupersanin (
Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 01:29:06 CDT

The originial Post :

>Hello All,
>I'm looking for something instructional on crash dump analysis, something
>friendlier than "man crash". I saw one book, "Panic! : Unix System Crash
>Dump Analysis" however it was published in 1995 and I don't know how well
>it will apply to Ultra-Sparc processors and Solaris 2.6. Can any one
>recommend any books, white papers, etc. that will help me to analyze the
>information available from the crash utility.

I got MANY responses back (Chris you weren't alone in your opinion) saying
that _Panic_ is still a very applicable text on the subject. Many people
also directed me to a shell script called iscda available from sun's web
site. One person mentioned a text called _The Magic Garden Explained_ as
being a very good book on SVR4 internals. I bought _Panic and now have
some reading to do. Thanks very much to all who replied!

-- Willie

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