Summary: Problems with sendmail

From: Jerry Springer (
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 08:51:00 CDT

My initial question was:

"We are running Solaris 2.5 and using Sun's sendmail version 8.6

The problem is that whenever email is received by the mail server from a

system inside the company, and hence is using ether as the mail relay
mechanism, the from address (when it is originally in the form of
user@'local-machinename') is rewritten to be
Mailer-Daemon@'mailserver.ourdomainname'. The only time that does not
happen is if the local-machinename is in the mailservers local
/etc/hosts file."

The overwhelming ( and actually the only ) answer was to scrap Sun's old
and convert to something newer. The responses were split between
sendmail 8.9.0 and
sendmail 8.8.8.

Chris Marble has a nice web page (
where he gives pretty
detailed instructions on setting up sendmail 8.8.8 so I chose that
version. At the current time I am still
playing with the file to get it set for my specific needs
but I am sure that I will have less
problems once I am done.

Thanks to the following for their kind responses:
Rich Kulawiec <>
Charlie Mengler <>
Karl Vogel <>
Chris Marble <>
Gianluca Rotoni <>

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