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Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 10:54:41 CDT

> Thanks to all that reponded... the consensus is that TotalNET (a.k.a.
> TAS) can do user authentication for Windows users.
> Original Question:
> > Does anyone know much about the version of TotalNet that's packaged
> with
> > Solaris Server? I know it provides file/print services but
> > specifically, I'm trying to find out if it can do NT user
> > authentication. I would like to setup a single point for logins and
> I
> > heard this product is capable.
> ...and the responses:
> -------------
> Jeff Kennedy []
> We are using TAS 5.1 on Solairs 2.6. We had to purchase it as it
> wasn't
> bundled at the time. We had to have an NT pdc for this to work for us
> because
> we needed RAS for offsite sales people but it does have authentication
> menus,
> username maps, and win95 logon script fields. Given those I assume it
> will do
> logon authentication.
> -------------
> Bullock, Marty []
> I've been running TNAS for about 7 months now, and I'm fairly pleased
> with it. Of course, we've had our problems, but overall it's a pretty
> good package with decent support. Here's what I know about it:
> * The version that ships with 2.6 is not the most current. There
> are a lot of bug fixes in the latest release.
> * TNAS (I still call it TAS) will perform user authentication and
> can run 95 logon scripts.
> - We currently use proxy authentication with ours and
> have had no problems
> * The native network environment for Windows clients is great! No
> more client software required! Most of our users are on a 95 or NT
> platform. They simply browse the network neighborhood and map a drive
> exactly as they would to a NT server.
> * There is a problem that is difficult to duplicate, in that
> sometimes, long filenames, mixed case filenames, and filenames with
> spaces either get masked or they get their case changed. Normally
> this
> wouldn't cause too much of a problem, but our database is rather
> sensitive to the differences. There is a patch out for these
> problems.
> * The administration interface has changed somewhat with the new
> version (for the better). Same overall layout, different look and
> feel,
> some fixes.
> To answer your question directly, yes, it will work as a logon server,
> complete with logon scripts. Overall, it's one of
> the best PC-UNIX solutions that I've seen in a long while (from an
> administrators view). It provides a single point for
> administering, controlling, and troubleshooting connectivity problems
> between the PCs and the Unix server. IMHO,
> anything that can provide me with more time on the server, and less
> time
> chasing client problems, the better. It's definitely worth looking
> into, but I would suggest contacting your local Syntax rep and getting
> an eval of the "latest" available version.
> -------------
> John Berninger []
> My firm is running TotalNET Advanced Server 5.2 on a trial basis in
> preparation for purchasing the product. I believe version 5.2 is the
> version packaged with Solaris 2.6, but I'm not sure, since we're
> actually piloting the product on an HP-UX 10.20 machine.
> Anyway, from what I've seen so far, which is admittedly little,
> it can provide password synchronization between NT and UNIX (caveat:
> HP trusted systems throw it for a loop), but I haven't seen a 'single
> login' concept in the way we've been able to implement it. Again, my
> experience (thus far) is somewhat limited; I do remeber seeing
> something about being able to set up a 'proxy' authentication server,
> which could be an NT PDC or BDC, for TAS services, which would imply
> the ability to do 'single point of logins,' but I haven't played with
> it much since I'm pretty much out of my depth much past logging in to
> my NT workstation. :)
> If you have any questions about how to set it up, I'd be glad to
> help -- it can get quite hairy in certain places (so much so that I
> had to call the tech support people for our pilot!). I'm usually in
> the office around 7:30 or 7:45 until close to 18:00 EDT. Feel free to
> call if you'd like to chat to a "real, live end-user"...
> On a strictly personal note, I highly recommend the product; the
> TNAS web-based interface is great, and the tech support has been
> nothing but friendly and helpful to me, despite the fact that we
> haven't even purchased the full-blown license yet.
> -------------
> Sam Nelson []
> As far as I'm aware (I'm using 5.1 here, and intend to upgrade to 5.2
> shortly)
> you can't use TAS for primary NT authentication, but you can set it up
> to use
> an NT domain controller as a proxy authentication server. Not that
> we've tried
> that yet---this is a bit of a Unix shop.
> -------------
> Dieter Gobbers []
> No, it can't do that.
> But the newest version (Beta) of SAMBA can do NT authentication.
> -------------
> Yes Totalnet ( TAS Ver 5.0 ) is bundled with Solaris 2.6. But you have
> only
> one license option bundled with Solaris. You can buy adddtional
> licenses
> from
> syntax ( which is the OEM). You can do NT user authentication with a
> specific
> settings.
> The current version supported by syntax is TAS 5.2
> -------------
> cifs man []
> The TAS version that is bundled on the Solaris for Intranet Extension
> CD
> with Solaris 2.6 is actually v5.0. Syntax ( is
> actually
> at TAS v5.2 and you might want to take a look at the latest version.
> Even with v5.0 though, you have the ability to authenticate NT
> accounts
> back to an NT domain controller (proxy/pass through authentication).
> These users still need to be valid UNIX accounts but their NT
> passwords
> can be authenticated back to a NT PDC or BDC. If you need help with
> setting this up, I can send you instructions on how to do it. It is
> pretty simply through their slick GUI based interface.
> Glenn Pitcher
> Sr. Unix Administrator
> ComStream, San Diego, CA

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