SUMMARY: Netmanage Chameleon 6.0 NT

From: Ackerson, Greg (
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 14:50:38 CDT

I'm ashamed to post a "Microsoftie" solution to the List, but the Michael J.
Connolly suggestion "Reboot!!!" did the job.

>1. Wait until the NT box is fully booted with no disk activity before the
>user logs on. You will notice that even though you get the ctrl-alt-del
>login pop-up that there is still a lot going on on the machine. WAIT until
>the hard drive light settles down a bit - this was the fix recommended
>by Netmanage Tech support and it seemed to help us.

He could then connect to the NFS drives w/o difficulty or password prompt.

BTW, we have Samba exporting our home directories, and sure enough they
failed after we got Bug Pack 3 installed; once we had the computer services
dep't edit the registry to allow cleartext passwords, Samba worked again.

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