SUMMARY: ufsdump/DX/8705 tape drive Q

Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 17:45:56 CDT

Sorry this took so long to post. Had some serious system h/w problems last
week, so I had bigger problems to work on at the time.

Thanks to:
Saurabh Jang (
Ronald Loftin (
Bill Fenwick (
Jason Timmins (

Bill Fenwick had the actual fix, and it was frustratingly easy. Comment out
all /kernel/drv/st.conf entries and let the system treat the drive as an
Exabyte 8500. Getting 9Gb regularly on my ufsdump now, so it is fixed it
despite all the logical advice to the contrary.

Jason Timmins suggested the latest firmware rev for this drive (0098), but
that made no difference in this case. I thank him for his efforts,
SunService didn't even know this tape had been released!

Thanks again for all of your help...


Original post:


Has anyone been able to squeeze more than 7Gb on a 160m tape using the
StorEdge DX (Exabyte 8705) tape drive with ufsdump? System is an E-3000
running Solaris 2.5.1, patched.

I've followed Sun's recommendations and those that I found in the
Sun-Managers archive to no avail (st.conf and ufsdump parameters.)
Apparently, Sun is working on a revision to the firmware for this drive,
but the last rev (0090) should've fix this problem.

Colin Melville
Technology Partners

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