SUMMARY: in.rlogind & in.rsh on 2.6

From: Sirisena, Navi (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 18:57:16 CDT

I have a machine ( Solaris 2.6 ) that none of these services are working.
inetd.conf file reflects the default entries. When I try to rsh it times
When I do a ps I can't find the service running either. Can someone help me
out? .rhosts files are inplace as well.
what am I missing?

Very Simple:
I had a missing entry on my hosts table. I had moved the machine around a
couple of times.

Thanx to:
        Rodney C. Marable []
for helping me to trouble shoot the problem after a couple of e-mails.

Thanx for the others who responded with replies.

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