SUMMARY: line in /var/adm/messages

From: Igor Schein (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 10:17:06 CDT

Original question:

> Hi, I am getting the following line
> in /var/adm/messages after boot:
> No contiguous memory requested for SX
> What is it refering to?
> Thanks
> Igor
Thanks to the following people

Jeff Wasilko
Steve Kay
Kyle Pinkston
Jim Earnest

This message is related to SX graphics system for SS20.
man sxconfig gives all the info you need. The most important
thing is that it's a informational message only and has
nothing to do with the system crashes that I've encountered
and will have to investigate with no relevant lines in
/var/adm/messages and no core file, since savecore hasn't
been previously setup.


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