SUMMARY(!): dtpad, HP, and Solaris

From: Bill Benedetto (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 07:15:38 CDT

Thank you again for all of the replies.

I found an answer and it involved patching my HP system.

I didn't call HP but found a patch via HP's electronic support
webpage. I had looked there before but was searching for a
CDE-specific patch. The patch that fixed my problem is an
X/Motif Runtime patch.

I installed PHSS_14040 (X/Motif1.2 Runtime Feb 98 Periodic Patch)
which fixed my problem. While testing the results of the
patching I accidentally found some systems that didn't have
PHSS_14040 but worked nonetheless. These systems had PHSS_11046
(X11R5/Xt/Motif Runtime May97 Periodic patch) and PHSS_11048
(X11R6/Xt/Motif Runtime May97 Periodic Patch) installed. I see
that PHSS_14040 supersedes PHSS_11046/8 so I would guess that
whatever is in these last 2 patches fixed the problem.

Thanks again for all of your help and suggestions.

My original question:

> Good day.
> I have this unusual problem running dtpad on an HPUX system
> (10.20, obviously) and having it DISPLAY back to a Solaris
> system.
> Here is the scenario:
> A user is in CDE on a Solaris system.
> He then rlogin's to his own account (NFS-mounted) on an HPUX
> 10.20 system.
> He sets his DISPLAY back to the Solaris box.
> He fires up /usr/dt/bin/dtpad on the HP.
> CDE on the Solaris box crashes and burns and the user is kicked
> out to the gui login prompt.
> This happens to any and all users that try this.
> This happens both in Solaris 2.5.1 and Solaris 2.6.
> This only happens as I explained above. If, instead, the user
> starts on an HP and runs dtpad on the Solaris system DISPLAYing
> back to the HP, it works fine.
> This works fine on all other CDE combinations we try:
> HP DISPLAYing dtpad on AIX
> SUN DISPLAYing dtpad on AIX
> AIX DISPLAYing dtpad on HP
> AIX DISPLAYing dtpad on SUN
> SUN DISPLAYing dtpad on HP
> The ONLY combination that crashes CDE is:
> HP DISPLAYing dtpad on SUN
> I am not sure where the problem lies. Do I need to patch my
> Solaris boxes? Do I need to patch my HP boxes?
> Any suggestions/ideas/guidance welcome.
> Thanks,

- Bill
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