SUMMARY: UE450 and HP LaserJet 6MP on parallel port

From: Mikhail V Zdorovenko (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 10:20:48 CDT

Hi sun-managers !

Here is summary for "UE450 and HP LaserJet 6MP on parallel port"
problem. Original question is at the end of the letter.

In order to print to HP LaserJet 6MP printer attached to the parallel
port of UE450 server you have to install the next patch:

104605-06: SunOS 5.5.1: ecpp driver patch
105741-03: SunOS 5.6: /kernel/drv/ecpp patch

Many thanks to:
Casper Dik <>

The question was:

> Hi sunners !
> I'am trying to connect HP LaserJet 6MP printer to the
> parallel port of my UE450 server (running Solaris 2.5.1).
> I've added new printer with the lpadmin utility with the
> following command lines:
> # lpadmin -p hplj6 -v /dev/ecpp0 -T unknown -I any
> # accept hplj6
> # enable hplj6
> When I send job to the printer via lp utility the printer
> doesn't print it. The printer shows data error by onboard
> indicators. However when I send file directly to the port
> (cat /etc/group > /dev/ecpp0) printer waits for the pressing
> onboard button and then prints the file but without CR's.
> I think this problem is in an interface or filter programs.
> Did anyone solved this kind of problem ?

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