SUMMARY: DNS & hostnames

From: Trubkina I. (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 06:23:07 CDT

My question was:

>Anybody can say if I can use hostnames witn "_"?
>I need to use it in primary & secondary zones.
>But it doesn't work well.
>Version: named 4.9.4-P1.

Many people responded.
Special thanks to:
*Anvar Bagautdinov
*James Kwong
*Kamal Kantawala
*John D Groenveld
*Jochen Bern
*Laurinda Chamberlin
*Jeff Graham



Hostnames should not have _ in them. This is defined in the DNS RFC and
has been for a long time. Versions of BIND up to 4.9.3-p1 did not enforce
this, but later versions either complained or did not work.
All recommend to change the _ to - in hostnames.


Many suggest were to upgrade named to at least 4.9.7. because
this Version has a Security Hole allowing People to remotely become root
on your Server & some other problems.

**** - good resources about DNS - to see CERT Advisory CA-98.05 and
                    CERT Summaries CS-98.04 and CS-98.05


It's pity to have no "_" in new versions of named.
We exploatated it for many years on previous versions.
And we had to change some files on clients machines.


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