Summary: our creator workstaion cannot detect the IBM DDRS-39130W disk

Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 01:42:26 CDT

Hi all,

I had tried all the methods I had received and even re-installed
the OS, the creator still cannot see the IBM disk but it has
no problem with seagate or quantum 9G disk. Hence, rather than spending
too much time on this problem, we decide to return the IBM disk and
get a seagate or quantum disk instead.

Anyways, thanks for the people who had sent me the solution.

Alan S. H. Lam
Department of Information Engineering, CUHK, Hong Kong

Original question:

> Just forget to mention that, we had tried
> boot -r at OK prompt
> and
> /usr/sbin/drvconfig
> /usr/sbin/devlinks
> /usr/sbin/disks
> but still cannot get it work. :(
> Alan
> > Hi,
> > We have attached a IBM DDRS-39130W 9G disk to our creator.
> > We can see the disk in dmesg message:
> > sd5 at SUNW,fas0: target 5 lun 0
> > sd5 is /sbus@1f,0/SUNW,fas@e,8800000/sd@5,0
> > WARNING: /sbus@1f,0/SUNW,fas@e,8800000/sd@5,0 (sd5):
> > corrupt label - wrong magic number
> > Vendor 'IBM', product 'DDRS-39130W', 17850000 512 byte blocks
> > but we cannot see it in format or sysinfo
> > Is there anything we need to tune up for this IBM DDRS-39130W 9G disk?

Suggestion Received:

change the target and check it out :

Your message idicates a corrupt label.
Doing a boot -r is the first step. Afterwords,
you'll need to run the format utility and rebuild
the corrupt label. If the format utility does not
see the drive you have two options:
1. Check to make sure you do not have scsi conflict
with other scsi devices and check the cabling and
2. If step 1 is satisfied then you simply have a
bad drive and you'll need to replace it.

normally, you should be able to see it as SOMETHING in format (based
on the scsi id it's may have to tell format to specifically
look at that scsi id or something).
if you have a disktab entry you can just then write the label. If you
don't, you can write an incorrect label (for pretty much any old disk,
one of the ones sun suggests is fine), reboot the system, and then use
scsiinfo to query the drive so you can create a label.
DO NOT try to make filesystems on the disk with the incorrect label.

Make sure under /kernel/drv/sd.conf, there's an entry for targetr=5, lun=0
for the sd class. If this still doesn't work, I suggested you getthe
manual for the drive and see if there are unusual pin that was set by
default when it shouldn't.

                you can try out the following steps to get recognised your
          1. copy the path_to_inst file to ( it is in
/etc dir.)
          2. remove both the path_to _inst & path_to_inst.old files
          3. reboot the system with the boot -ar option at the OK
          4. when it asks for to rebuild the path_to_inst file type yes.
 The other QNS. should be
             answered as default ( by pressing enter).

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