[SUMMARY]: Backup Solutions

From: Eric D. Pancer (eric@unique.outlook.net)
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 11:22:33 CDT

My original question was...

> We have multiple Sun boxes, as well as a few Linux machines running on
> Intel hardware. We would like to have one solution for both platforms that
> will backup each machine to our SPARCstorage library, while limiting the
> amount of network overhead. Veritas Net Backup is great for Solaris, AIX,
> etc.. however, it does not backup the Linux boxes. We would like to rule
> out having to NFS mount each partition onto a SUN and then back it up, as
> this will cause load on 3 machines, instead of two.
> Any ideas?? How is Solstice backup?? Is the LinuxFS supported by Solaris??

The overwhelming majority was in favor of using AMANDA (Advanced Maryland
Automatic Disk Archiver) for a multi-platform backup strategy. After reading
put on AMANDA, I am convinced that this is the best for a solution that may
require adding different OS's later on; for instance, if you co-host a BSD
box, etc.. If you would like to find AMANDA, please go to the following sites
below. AMANDA supports every major UNIX OS, as well as OS/2, NT, etc..

web : http://www.amanda.org
             : http://csel.cs.colorado.edu/~teich/amanda/
ftp : ftp://ftp.cs.umd.edu/pub/amanda
faq : http://ugrad-www.cs.colorado.edu/~teich/amanda/amfaq/faq.html
list-archives: http://www.cs.umd.edu/projects/amanda/amanda-users/

Other responses are listed below.

- Scott VanRavenswaay uses BudTool available at http://www.iguard.com/
This uses a standard tar, cpio, etc and acts as more of a wrapper that you
tailor yourself.

- Patrick L. Nolan suggested http://samba.gorski.net/samba/samba.html
which also proves a good solution depending on your needs.

- Bruce Rossiter, who uses NetBackup, suggested NFS mounting the
unsupported client directly onto the tapehost. This will only generate NFS
overhead on that host. However, it appears that this is a bit difficult to

- Mark Bergman had a crafty little solution.
linux-host# dump 0f solarishost:/dev/rmt/0c /

- David Schiffrin uses Solstice Backup without incident. However, others
were a bit hesitant to use the product. The linux client is an
unsupported, non-GUI client available from ftp.legato.com. Solstice will
backup Solaris, SunOS, NT, AIX, etc.. according to Stephen Tremain.

- and finally, Shriman Gurung came up with the following...
linux-host# dump linuxfs | ssh sunserver dd of=tapedevice

Thanks to all the people below who sent such quick responses.

Rich Kulawiec <rsk@gsp.org>
Scott VanRavenswaay <scottvr@dfw.net>
Patrick L. Nolan <pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU>
Rik Schneider <rik@netasset.com>
Bruce Rossiter <AROSSITE@us.oracle.com>
Mark Bergman <bergman@phri.nyu.edu>
David Schiffrin <daves@adnc.com>
Stephen Tremain <stephent@plath.bain.com.au>
Philip Plane <philip@ra.tepapa.govt.nz>
Mannu Kalra <mkalra@BayNetworks.COM>
Roy Culley <tgdcuro1@gd2.swissptt.ch>
Shriman Gurung <SG@datcon.co.uk>
W. Frank Lowe <flowe@oncology.uthscsa.edu>

Good luck in your own backup solutions!!!!


Eric D. Pancer
  Outlook Technologies, Inc.

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