[SUMMARY] XView errors

From: Paul H. Yoshimune (pauly@katana.com)
Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 17:31:09 CDT

Once again, Sun Managers comes through in record time!

I received suggestions from:

"Eric D. Pancer" <eric@unique.outlook.net>
poffen@San-Jose.ate.slb.com (Russ Poffenberger)
Art Gwozdz <gwozdzar@bvt.gdarm.com>

Only Russ had the right answer, though. He wrote:

> You didn't give a lot of info. Which X server is running? OpenWindows? CDE? What
> patches are installed?
> Specifically, if you have 103566 installed, then you may need to check out this
> warning in the patch README..
> 1. Due to the security issue, previous directories
> /tmp/.X11-[pipe|unix] have been relocated to /var/X.
> All existing applications which are statically linked with the
> X11 library will have to be relinked with the new library. Or
> to workaround the problem by setting the DISPLAY environment
> variable to "hostname:0.0" or "localhost:0.0".
> If CDE is running prior to patch installation, user might fail
> to login to CDE. To workaround this problem, dtlogin has to
> be restarted or reboot the machine.
I did indeed have 103566-27 installed. Perfect! The original query follows:

> Hi Managers:
> I'm having problems with certain X applications; they're unable to open the X
> display. The odd thing is, Netscape, xv, xterms, GIMP, etc. have no problem.
> It seems to only be two specific apps at this point.
> MAE gives:
> MAE 3.0 (Update 4) Copyright 1994-1997 Apple Computer, Inc., All rights reserved.
> Can't open X display
> filemerge gives:
> XView error: Cannot open display on window server: :0.0 (Server package)
> Any ideas? The setup is:
> SPARC 20
> Solaris 2.5.1
> WindowMaker 0.14.1 (the standard olwm gives the same errors)
> I'll summarize of course...

Paul H. Yoshimune

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