SUMMARY : Re: cant open xterms, pts errors.

From: Amol Karnik (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 12:56:00 CDT

ok, there was only one reply to this problem... from Ralph Dell
( who's seen this problem before.

anyways, i spoke with Sun Tech, and the first problem about "add_spec :
no major #" etc, is nothing to worry about.. its only a problem if you
have a photon disk array attached to your machine. I dont, so we
commented out the line which refers to "sf" from /kernel/drv/sdd.conf
and rebooted. The error went away.

The main problem, the one with pty's and xterms is still unsolved. I
found out what causes it. Sometimes the permissions on /dev/pts are
getting changed automatically from owner-root and group-sys to owner-any
user and group-tty. After this you cant open any xterms on the machines.
Correcting theese permissions and doing a boot -r solves it, until it
happens again. I have no clue whats causing these permissions to change.
I obviously cant keep on doing a boot -r everytime this happens.

- amol

Amol Karnik wrote:
> hi all,
> came back monday morning to find my machine a mess. Its an Ultra2 with
> Solaris2.5.1 with the feb98 patches on it. dual cpu, 512 Mb RAM.
> whats happening is that no one can open any xterms on it. Gives a
> "segmentation fault"
> i did a boot -r and it gave the following error
> "add_spec : no major number for sf"
> i have no idea whats going on here... the machine was absolutely fine
> on friday, although iy was very heavily loaded with a solver job, over
> the weekend.
> i have the following line added to my /etc/system
> set pt_cnt = 80
> and
> set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=16986931
> any pointers on what i should do here?
> i'll summarize.
> thanks,
> amol

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