fsck error summary.

From: Sandeep.V.Pandit (spandit@ssd1.utmem.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 14:11:06 CDT

dear sun managers,

thanks a lot to
jason axley, steven taggart and srinivasan ganeshan for their i/p.

i was able to reboot my m/c from the cdrom drive and run fsck on the
root"/"; and this time it did not give me any errors! (don't know why!) the
m/c is working fine.

also i was unable to find any answer to finding the file from the inode in
case of an error for an "unref file...". also the strange thing is i am
still perplexed as to the root cause of the problem!


============ original problem ===================================

dear sun managers,

i have a solaris 2.5.1/ sparc m/c. the m/c suffered a crash recently and
on a hard reboot gave me fsck errors.i had to manually run fsck and
correct some of the errors. i have 2 questions:

1. i have not corrected an error of the type
" unref file I = 170980 owner = root, mode =100555 .. et al". this is
because i am not sure what file this inode is asociated with. how do i
figure the file associated with this inode? and do i go ahead and allow
the fsck to clear this error without any precautions?

2. whenever i do "fsck -m /" i get conflicting or random messages.
sometimes i get the messages " ..needs checking". sometimes i have got
the message " ..is clean or ok"! i am a liitle bit confused as to whether
i should still go ahead and allow fsck to correct these errors. also i am
unsure as to the root cause of these errors in the first place. my
/var/adm/messages file does not seem to have any memory or hardware
related problems.

thanks a lot,

 SANDEEP.V.PANDIT. spandit@ssd1.utmem.edu

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