SUMMARY: VxVM warning

From: likun (
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 05:26:38 CDT

very thanks to Marcos A. Padilla M. and Klorese, Roger B.A, , for their

helpful response.

Padilla point out that if these are two machine attached to the SSA, you
can ignore this
warning . It is in my case .

following is their advice:

from Marcos A. Padilla M.:
        This message appear when you have 2 machines attached to the
or when You install a disk that You have installed in other SSA. In the
last case you must reinitialize the disk for work in the new SSA.

        The rootdg is the main group in the vxvm. This group is unique
machine, if this group don't exist the vxvm don't start. When vxvm start

scan all disk in the SSA and detect the rootdg group for your machine,
this case vxvm found 2 rootdg group but a different group id.

        For more details about rootdg group check your SSA manuals or

> may i ignore it or have done something wrong ?

        Ignore this message if you have 2 machines attached to the SSA.
you install a new disk, you must reinitialize the disk.

        Regards and excuse for my english.

from Klorese, Roger B.A :
It means you have a disk at that address which was formerly used in a
different system's rootdg (or another incarnation of this one's). Since

the name matches but the unique group-ID doesn't match, the disk is
ignored. You can initialize it into another disk group.

(If you actually think that disk is already part of this system's rootdg

or another local disk group, something's wrong. Otherwise, everything's

my original question :
> recently i am working on a sun disk array with VxVM,
> and when the server startup , the following warning
> appears:
> vxvm:vxconfigd:WARNING:Disk c1t0d1s2 names group rootdg
> but group ID differs
> may i ignore it or have done something wrong ?
> any help are welcome, will summarize.


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