SUMMARY: DNS problem, named shows "There may be a name server already running"

Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 20:04:15 CDT

Many thanks to those that responded. Running netstat -a did indeed show
that something (best guess was a zombie process??) was binding to port
53. Since I was able to reboot the machine I chose this option, which
has solved the problem. Subsequently, several people have suggested
using lsof to give more information, which I will grab and have handy
for next time.

I'm impressed with how many people knew the answer to this within
minutes, since I had Systems Engineeers from Sun looking at the problem
for a total of four hours over several days without any progress. Well
done again to those that replied.

Dale Wright
J B Were Stockbroking

P.S. Apologies to those that commented on the lengthy disclaimer, but
since our mail server is Windoze-based, I cant prevent it from being
appended to any outgoing mail.

Original question :

> I'm trying to set up a caching only server on an E3000 with Solaris
> 2.5.1, all the DNS config files look fine (confirmed by Sun). On startup
> of in.named, the messages file shows :
> Jun 1 12:03:30 jbwsun01 named[13759]: starting. named 4.9.3-P1
> Jun 1 12:03:45 jbwsun01 named[13759]: There may be a name server
> already running
> Jun 1 12:03:45 jbwsun01 named[13759]: exiting
> And there definitely isnt another name server running. Any ideas?


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