SUMMARY: 2.6 Hangs on Boot..

From: Matt Glaves (
Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 08:49:31 CDT

It seems that the answer to my problem was a quite simple one. In the
nsswitch.conf file the hosts line should be "files nis dis". As described
by Kris Briscoe:

>You cannot have the dns token before files on hosts. The library
>routines look to see which token to use and when the network interface
>is being configured there is no access to DNS. If you insist on placing
>the dns token first, then you will need to put the primary ip address in

Thanks to the following for their input:
Kris Briscoe
Jeff Kennedy
Rodney Marable
Michael Kriss
Chris Marble
Ravi Reddy
Stephen Frost
Jayant Ramakrishnan
David Blaine

Matt Glaves
System Administrator
Old Dominion University
Computer Science Department

>It seems that when we setup a machine to be a DNS Primary server and a
>NIS master server, the machine will hang at boot time. The problem seems
>to be in rc2.d when it loads S72inetsvc. The machine will load all rpc
>services and then hang when it loads inetsvc.

> I was told to check my nsswitch.conf file and be sure that DNS was
>listed first in the hosts field. It was not, but once I changed
>nsswitch.conf to look only to files it will boot fine. The problem seems
>to be once I set nsswitch.conf to look for nis and then files that it

>We seem to be having this problem both a Ultra10 and Sparc10. Both of
>which were built by different departments.

>Any help would be great!

>Matt Glaves
>System Administrator
>Old Dominion University
>Computer Science Department

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