SUMMARY: lpr to lp link not working

From: Padraig Houlahan (
Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 15:16:14 CDT

My original questions concerned discrepencies between lpr and lp commands
under Solaris 2.6:

> 1. Why should a link to a command have different results than running the
> command? (e.g. lpr is a link to lp but gives different results).

> 2. Why does lpr not see the local printer even though lp does?

Some responders asserted that lp is smart enough to recognize when it
is being invoked as lpr (e.g. when lpr is just a link to lp) and this
would answer the first question.

There were no answers to the second. After 3 calls to SUN tech support
thay have no explanation and were unaware of lp trying to
emulate lpr.

Many responses suggested (essentially) using full path names to make
sure that I was executing the commands I wanted but that was
already being done.

Thanks to the following for their input:

Thomas Anders <>
Jim Harmon
John D Groenveld <>
"Jody L. Baze" <jody@BlueSkyTours.COM>
"Aaron Lineberger [BOFH]" <>
Ann Benninger <

[I hope I haven't missed anyone]


Padraig Houlahan
Lowell Observatory
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