SUMMARY:Open GL library

Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 03:40:57 CDT

Alfredo De Luca
26/05/98 10.40

Hi all,
many tanks to all response :

Benjamin R. Cline
Larry Zins

Scott L. Sherrill



Anthony Worrall

Petri Kallberg

dave floyd

Stephen Wolthusen


I wrote:

>Hi all,
>just a simple questions.
>I have a SUN ultra 1 running Solaris 2.5.1.
>I installed on software called ERDAS - Imagine which need Open GL
>set to run some package install in it.
>does anyone tell me where I can find it ?

I tried to install Open Gl library directly from Solaris 2.6 Operating
      System Cd

and it works fine.

Thank you

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