SUMMARY: Large passwd/shadow files

From: Adriana Caceres (
Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 13:48:01 CDT

Hi Sun Managers !

Sorry for this late summary. The solution points to the substitution of
flat files, like passwd and shadow, for more efficient mechanisms.
Practically all the responses pointed to use NIS or NIS+ . Another
suggestion was to get the DBM-based password code in the shadow login suite
by John Haugh:

         DIRECTORY shadow
         DIRECTORY shadow

My original question:
:It seems that time for a user to be authenticated grows if you have very
:large /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files (10000 or more). I would like to know
:if you have any experience in the optimization of the authentication process
:or please point me to some documentation about this.

Thanks to:

Eugene Kramer
Brian T. Wightman
Stephen Frost
Raul Vargas
Chris Marble
Karl Vogel
Troy Wollenslegel


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