SUMMARY: tooltalk problem

From: Marc C. Poulin (
Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 13:46:41 CDT

sorry it took me so long to summarize. just got back from a business trip.
anyway, my original problem:

> System: UE 450, running solaris 2.6
> We had a system crash yesterday, and after rebooting most things
> seemed fine except for the fact that some of the users discovered that
> their desktop preferences (backgrounds, colors, etc.) weren't what
> they used to be. Some tried changing them, and logging out and back
> in, only to find that the preferences weren't changed. Further
> investigation revealed syslog messages of the form:
> ToolTalk/ISAM[xxxx]: Fatal error: read failed: requested 1024 bytes,
> got 0 - No such file or directory
> This message would be generated when one of the users in question logged in.
> running ttdbck yielded:
> ttdbck: isread("./TT_DB/property_table"): no current ISAM record
> ttdbck: no errors found.
> for affected users, and simply
> ttdbck: no errors found.
> for users who weren't affected.
> Any suggestions on where to go from here?
> Thanks
> Marc Poulin

Thanks to David Foster ( for the quick answer, namely:

| This happens when the tool-talk databases get corrupted. Each partition which
| has one of these databases will have a TT_DB directory at its root. The
| fix is to completely delete ALL of these directories (use find to locate
| them) using "rm -rf /dir/TT_DB.
| These will be recreated as needed; no need to stop/start anything, or reboot.
| Works like a charm.

thanks also to Stacy Lindberg and Bismark Espinoza for their

Marc Poulin

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