SUMMARY: Min hardware req. for Firewall-1 v 3.0

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Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 12:27:01 CDT

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It's me again. I haven't had a chance to test (in production) the ideas I
received from my last post regarding Firewall-1 problems, but I will summarize
the results once I have fully implemented in production.

Anyway, I would like to get an idea what hardware you guys think (and/or what
hardware you are actually using) should be adequate for running Firewall-1
version 3.0b. For example, I am running Firewall-1 on a 110 Mghz sparc 5 w/64
Meg RAM and it seems too slow. I will be happy to summarize as well.


Since everyone's network usage is different as well as the utilization of Firewall-1 features (NAT, VPN, etc.), it is difficult to estimate
a minimum hardware configuration. However, the general consensus was that a Sparc 5 would be inadequate for running Firewall-1 and the
amount of memory should be GREATER than 64 Megs. One person suggested using an Ultra 10 as a minimum, and another is upgrading from an
Ultra 1/170 to an Ultra 2/2300 (although he admitted that a 2/2300 may be overkill, at least he won't have to worry about slow-downs). I
think an Ultra 5 or Ultra 10 loaded up with lots of RAM will probably work fine for us.

Thanks to the following people for your quick replies:

Jeffrey C. Keyser
Kevin Maher
Robert Owen Thomas
Steve Butterfield

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