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From: Tom Mornini (
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 19:23:19 CDT

I've finally found the time to redo my original fastpatch for Solaris 2.5+
patches. As you might remember. is a perl script which installs
Solaris patches around 5-6x faster than installpatch (or 2.6 patchadd).

The result is available from*

Do-patch, fastpatch and fix-modes have all been fixed to work with
"-R rootdir" and should work fine during the system installation fase.

Fix-modes is all-new; it will now also change the ownership of most files to
root, and, perhaps most importantly, it has an "undo" switch.

Since I now longer have the facilities to do wholesale testing of fastpatch
bugs may have crept in.

Feedback very much appreciated.

Here are some numbers:

System SS20/502/32MB

installpatch times:

        real 1:18:06.8
        user 25:58.8
        sys 1:04:39.6

(2 processors so sys+user > real)

fastpatch installation times:

        real 12:20.7
        user 5:12.1
        sys 4:36.1

So a 78:12 advantage for fastpatch! (even more if we count CPU time!)

The installations where compared with "diff -r" and the only differences
found were timestamps in pkginfo files.

Fastpatch still has its original limitations:

        - no checksums checking
        - no "undo" archive

and some more


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