SUMMARY: Disabling Telnet "!" capability

From: Rusty Rose (
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 09:45:55 CDT

Original question was: How to disable the capability for
user to get a shell by using the "!" from "telnet>"

Answers fell into 2 catagories:

1. The "!" command uses the SHELL variable to determine
what shell to start up. If you set SHELL=/bin/false
before starting telnet, the "!" will not work.

2. I thought for sure I exhausted the man pages before
resorting to the list, but sure enough, there are
telnet command line options that would have helped....

Disable the "telnet>" prompt entirely by using
the (-e '') or (-E) options when starting telnet.

Thanks greatly to all who responded!

Rusty Rose, Chicago Board of Trade

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