SUMMARY: Jumpstart - 2.6 Question.

From: Steven Aizic (
Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 16:12:19 CDT

The original message was:

I almost have a Jumpstart perfectly the way I want it. During the install
of the Solaris 2.6 operating system, I am asked no questions. However,
after the reboot, I am asked the 2 power saving questions (on our Ultra 1
servers only). Is there any way to automate these two answers as well?

Now for the solutions I received:

1) Installing a system, answer the questions - and then copy over the
/etc/power.conf file to the distribution. Then, copy in a temporary
startup file that would run the /usr/sbin/pmconfig. Although this
solution works, it is a hack that may not work in future installs.

2) Do not install the power management packages by deleting the packages
from the install cluster:

cluster SUNWCpm delete
cluster SUNWCpmow delete

This is a wonderful solution, but I liked the next one the best.

3) The solution that was recommended by most, and the one I chose due to
it's simplicity is the "touch /a/noautoshutdown" from the finish script.
Others suggested equal solutions like, "touch $ROOTDIR/noautoshutdown" or
also just as equal "touch /noautoshutdown" from a temporary boot-up
script. All of these worked quite nicely.

Thanks to:

Jeffrey Liu <>
Jeff Woolsey <>
John Keeton <>
Mats Kronberg <>
Rob Windsor <>
Mark de Roo <>

                                  Steven Aizic

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