SUMMARY: Persistent command

From: Ernie Chu (
Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 16:05:27 CDT

May 15, 1998

To Sun Managers:

Thank you very much for such a quick response.

Most of the answers are to use the 'nohup' command. Before posting, I
tried using the 'nohup' command however I stop or thought it won't work
when a prompt 'you have running jobs' after I issued the command exit.
But much to my chagrin, I have to issue another 'exit' command as suggested
by one reply.

Special thanks goes to the following Sun-Managers and the rest for not
flaming me on a seemingly trivial question:
Louis Hoo
Rahul Roy
Aaron Lafferty
Charlie Mengler
Patricia Morgan
Tim Evans
Robert G. Ferrel
Sanjaya Srivastava
Peter Polasek
Brion Leary


here's the original post:
>May 15, 1998
>To Sun Managers,
>I have an Ultra Sparc 1 running Solaris 2.5 with CDE 1.0.1. I'm using a PC
>to remotely login to the Ultra Sparc 1 thru telnet session. My big
>question is: How do I run a non-displaying command on the remote session
>that will not terminate when I exit my telnet session? An example of a
>command would be
> cc test.c > cc.out &

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