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Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 01:04:13 CDT

Thanx to all that reply to my Enterprise 5000 questions!

Here is my original message:

 I don´t know if this is the correct place to ask, but we´re considering

 purchasing two Enterprise 5000 servers, and I would like to know
 technical specs and personal experiences with it. Any informiation
 be greatly appreciated.

 Thanx in advance.

and here is what I have been told:

It seems, as it must be obvious, that the best thing to do is get
information at Sun:

-Peter L. Wargo (
 Technical specs can be found off of Sun's web site:

 Get them (Enterprise 5000) with the new 336MHz CPU's, it's worth it.

-Jerry Litteer (

 So far a great machine....

-Andrew Ho (
 Technical spec: see
 Personal experience: I prefer E4000, more flexable, and I don't pay
 things I don't need. The down side is that I need a rack to mount all
 devices I add.

-Steve Kay (

-Birger Wathne (
 Very stable. Very problem-free. And Solaris is very stable under heavy

-Steve Kay (
 Proper name is A5000. Very fast disk throughput.
 Uses FCAL fibre loop all the way to the disk, so if you have a decent
 ( >5 disks ) then you can expect very fast I/O.


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