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From: Vipin Gupta (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 00:50:59 CST

Dear Friends,

I could solve the problem even before I got the response.
The problem was with the automounting of the homes. This also being the
server was not able to deliver the mails to the users their homes wer
mountable and was just queueing them with " no control file".

I found that one of the home directory server was having the problem
with NIS and as soon
as I corrected the problem , it started working fine.


My original posting:

Dear Friends,

We have SunSparc-10 with SUN OS 4.1.4 as our mail server and cater
around 600 odd users. We are using sendmail 8.6.x. It had been working
perfectly for months altogether.
But Since yesterday it is not working properly. Incidently it is NIS
server and DNS server also.

I have made following observations:

1. With sendmail bp option I see lots of queued messages , but with No
control File and queue keeps increasing.
2. Sendmail v bv local_mail_login Just hangs .
3. Nslookup works fine and next mail router is very much accessible.
4. It does not accept outgoing messages from mail clients and client
just hangs, while they can download incoming mails.
5. Some mails bounced back to the postmaster with following errors:
    a. returned mail: Unknown mailer error
        crt0: no /dev/zero
    b. returned mail: unknown mailer error 127
        crt0: no /usr/lib/
c. Make connection : no socket : file table overflow

Please let me know what has gone wrong. I have even rebooted the server.
It works fine for some time and starts misbehaving again.

Thanks in advance. I will summarise.


Vipin Gupta

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