SUMMARY: ultra 5 and svga? (fwd)

From: Tim Carlson (
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 15:52:36 CDT

Original Question:
I'm looking to setup a machine to be dedicated to sit on a Proxima
projection system. In the past I have used a Sparc 5 to project, but
the resolution isn't great becuase the Proxima renders the output down to
SVGA so it loses a few lines of resolution. I have 2 questions

1) I've checked around and haven't seen any definitive information on
   exactly what the PGX card has for resolution. The Sun page says
   it can drive Sun monitors and VGA monitors... But I'd like to
   know exactly what it can pump out. We're getting a few of the Ultra
   5's in a couple of weeks and I want to know if I can send out a
   nice SVGA signal from the card.

2) Any good recomendations on an SVGA SBus card? I have a VGA card
  from NuData but wondered what other people have used. Any Integrix
  fans out there?


1) The PGX will do about anything from 640x480 -> 1280x1024
2) Nobody said much about other SBus cards

What I should have *really* asked about was displaying at 800x600 since
my Proxima won't really do true 1024x768.

Thanks to all

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