SUMMARY: NFS troubles with Solaris 2.6 mounting IRIX 6.2 directories

From: John Hunter (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 09:22:12 CDT

SUMMARY: NFS troubles with Solaris 2.6 mounting IRIX 6.2 directories

Thanks to all who replied for the very fast save!

The problem that had cropped up was:
NFS mounted directories from an SGI (running IRIX 6.2) that were being
served to a Solaris 2.6 machine had quirky problems when dealing with
filename matching. Specifically, wildcard references (Ex: S* or *.flb)
did not display all of the files in the directory with matching
characteristics, although typing in the full file name allowed completely
normal access to the files in question.

The fix that worked first (and thus ended the search) came from
Michael Mitches <>, and is summarized as follows:

Mount the directories with the vers=2 option.
For command line mounts, this'll look like:
        mount -o vers=2 mysgi:/usr/people/currey /mnt
For direct automount entries, this'll look like:
        /administrator -rw,vers=2 fosdick:/administrator

Other suggestions were:
1. Make sure the -32bitclients option is set (this won't affect the problem
        described above, but is a good bet for the most common SGI/Sun
        NFS troubles.)
2. Get the latest patches for SGI and Sun.
        Casper Dik suggested all Solaris 2.6 patches for libc and NFS.
        Thomas Anders <> suggested a specific 2.6 patch:
                Bug#4113636 Patch 105720-03
3. If all else fails, snoop the connection between the machines to see the
        nuts and bolts of what's happening.

I hope this helps the folks who've reported similar trouble!

MANY thanks to:
Michael Mitchell <>
Thomas Anders <>
Richard Butler <>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Tim Evans <>
Francois Leclerc <>
Kevin Sheehan <>
Birger Wathne <>


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