SUMMARY: How to enable SCSI LUN scan?

From: Jim Olsen (
Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 10:31:03 CDT


I've just hooked up a SCSI-SCSI RAID controller (configured with multiple
LUN's) to the internal SCSI bus of our system, but on reconfiguration
reboot, it only recognizes LUN 0.

The RAID controller is set up as SCSI ID 2, with six partitions at LUN's
0-5. The partition at LUN 0 is detected and formats just fine, but I don't
know how to get the other LUN's recognized. Any help would be most

     Hardware: Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 Model 1200, internal ("fas") SCSI bus
     Software: Solaris 2.5.1


1. Edit /kernel/drv/sd.conf to include an entry for each LUN.
2. Do a reconfiguration reboot (such as "reboot -- -rv").

The key here is to look at /kernel/drv/sd.conf, which has one entry for
each LUN to be probed. The default sd.conf only includes LUN 0 for each
ID, so I needed to add five more entries for LUN's 1-5:

name="sd" class="scsi"
     target=2 lun=1;

name="sd" class="scsi"
     target=2 lun=2;

name="sd" class="scsi"
     target=2 lun=3;

name="sd" class="scsi"
     target=2 lun=4;

name="sd" class="scsi"
     target=2 lun=5;

By experiment, I found that only LUN's 0-7 will be recognized.

Many thanks to the 22 people who responded. Your assistance is deeply


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