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Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 17:22:26 CDT

Many thanks to the following managers:

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Original message:

>Dear Sun Managers,
>We have a HP LasetJet 6MP printer that is connected to a WinNT machine
>which is the print server. I would like to be able to print from my
>Sun Ultra-1 to that printer on WinNT. I have added the PC ip to the
>hosts file and hosts.lpd file on my Ultra-1, using
>admintool to add remote printer but I kept getting failed... error
>Do I need any software to get it to work? Your help is very much
>Thanks, Aline...
Some suggested Samba, but I used the solution suggested by Alex Goodson,
Ramnish Singh and Amjad Zamil that required no additional software.
Thanks again guys.

Setup printer commands on SUN:

1. Add NTserver ip address to the hosts file.
2. lpsystem -tbsd NTservername
3. lpadmin -Pprintername -sNTservername!printername
4. accept printername
5. enable printername

Setup on WinNT server:

1. Check that TCP/IP printing services is installed and running.
2. Check that the printer is shared.
3. Extra step that I did suggested in WinNT Help file on lpdsvc to
declare the HP
   printername as a null share. I modified the registry to add the HP
   to the NullSessionShares line under:
4. Reboot WinNT.

The printer works great with the above setup.
Still one issue remains that I need to spend some more time to
investigate: text or ascii files are printed out OK, but I got garbage
printouts when printing .ps or .html files.
Any hints or suggestions to this problem?


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