SUMMARY: Crash Command

From: Ravi C. Kumar (
Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 07:38:32 CDT

Thanks to the following individuals (David Harte) (Vitaly Beliaev) (Marco Greene) (James Coby)

who pointed to me to the references for using 'crash' more
effectively. However, the fact remains that there is no
comprehensive doc out there that explains all the features
of 'crash' completely. If time permits, I will create a
doc on my own and will distribute it on the net.

Anyway, the kernel of the responses is

1) The book 'Magic Garden Explained - Benny Goodheart and James Cox'
   ISBN 0-13-098138-9
2) Sun training course ST-350 (Sysem Fault Finding)
3) Sunsolve infodocs (Not very useful, IMHO)

Thanks to all those who tried to help out.

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