SUMMARY: Veritas License lost

From: Matthias Kurz (
Date: Sun May 10 1998 - 10:49:41 CDT

> I accidently deleted the Veritas license file from /etc/vx/elm.
> Well, at least i think (hope ?) that is the cause that the storage
> manager no longer "recognizes" the array controller. Links in
> /dev/[r]dsk are created and 'format' shows all disks.
> Deinstall and reinstall SUNWvxvm and SUNWvxva did not bring back
> the license file. Copying the license file from another machine
> that is connected to the same array did not work either.

Thanks to:

Jim Robertori
Amanul Haque
Derek Terveer
Kevin P. Inscoe

Solution: There was no backup because it was a fresh install. I
reinstalled the Volume Manager to bring back missing files. But i
forgot to reinstall the Volume Manager patch (106191). Without
this patch the controller hardware is not recognized. The license
is generated automatically by vxinstall on detection of some
hardware (the A5000 Disk Array in my case).


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