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From: Jim Johnson (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 09:07:12 CDT

Hi Folks,

Numerous responses pointed me at Sun Express and one of the first had
with the actual part number which I ordered just about immediately.
The were pointers to other places to order the part both a little
cheaper and more exspensive. I'll list those below. The actual Sun
part # was...

#540-2767 Ultra disk drive bracket kit $25

It just came in and it does the trick. I received a warning about not
using internal drives due to heat disapation but external is not an
option at this point.

Thanks to all who read and took the time to respond.

Some of the sources suggested (but not limited to) included...

Sun Express
MTI 1-800-999-9684
Solar Systems,
Western Scientific 800-443-6699
Applied Digital 800-724-2692

Thanks especially to...

Loring Safford <>
John D Groenveld <> (Martin Oksnevad)
Blayne Puklich <> (Brad Young )
Christopher L. Barnard <>
job bogan <>
Bob Brown <>
"Aaron Lineberger [BOFH]" <>
Al Hopper <>
Bob Reitinger <>
Gerald Combs - Unicom Communications <>
julius@HTSD.Sertek.COM.TW ( (Julius Liu))
Sean Walmsley <>

Original query:

Jim Johnson writes:
> Hi Sun Folk,
> I have a slight parts problem.
> I have a Sun Ultra 2 "Creator Series" box. I want to add an
> additional internal disk drive. I ordered a drive from a
> disk reseller who told me the drive would work in the system I
> specified. It's a Seagate ST39173WC.
> The connector is ok although I'd yet to see one of these disks with
> power on the single connector as well but it didn't come with
> any rails. I just got off the phone with the place that sold the
> drive and, yes they don't include the rails nor do they stock them.
> Can any of you kind folk point me to a reseller or parts house or
> where ever you think I might be able to lay my hands on these rails?
> Thanks in advance,
> JJ

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