SUMMARY: Jumpstart Question.

From: Steven Aizic (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 09:06:30 CDT

I got several responses on my Jumpstart question. I should have been more
clear.. My /etc/nsswitch.conf file had "files" then "dns" and not the
other way around... However it was definitely a wise piece of advise.

The second suggestion was to modify the "add_install_client" script. Even
though this solution would work, I am looking for a more elgant solution.

The best solution (IMHO), thanks to Janet Hoo was to first add a line in
the /etc/hosts file *BEFORE* using the script containing the host name the
way I want it.. The /etc/ethers and /etc/bootparams file will follow the
/etc/hosts file accordingly.

Thanks to:

David Thorburn-Gundlach <>
Janet Hoo <Janet.Hoo@Ebay.Sun.COM>
Roy Culley <>
Steve Kay <>

                                  Steven Aizic

The "add_install_client" script as follows:

Usage: ./add_install_client [-i ipaddr] [-e ethernetid] [-s server:path]
                [-c server:path] [-p server:path]
                [-n [name_server]:name_service[(netmask)]]
                [-t install boot image path] client_name platform_group

works great for me except for one minor glitch.. It likes resolving the
"client_name" from DNS and placing the resolved name into the /etc/hosts,
/etc/ethers and /etc/bootparams files. This is not what I am looking for.

Basically, I want the /etc/hosts, /etc/ethers and /etc/bootparams files to
have the entry that I specify in "client_name" .. Is there any way to do
this ..? Thanks in advance.

Will Summarize.

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