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Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 14:07:43 CDT


        Sorry for the delayed summary.

        Thank you very much to everyone who replied, you provided valuable

* Recommended methodology: boot to single-user mode, change the date,
then go to multi-user mode. When resetting the machine, do the same.

* The best thing to do after the test might be to wipe the system
clean and restore from a verified full backup

* Make sure that clock synchronization with other servers is turned
off. We're actually going to isolate the server completely, just so we
don't mess up DNS or anything else.

* The SparcServer 1000E, which we were going to do our Year 2000
testing on, needs to have PROMs replaced in order to be Year 2000 compliant.
A list of Sun hardware and Year 2000 compliance is available at Even our relatively new Ultra 4000
requires a software patch in order to meet Y2K compliance.

      The main Sun page for Year 2000 issues is at

* Many folks brought up License Management software. Marc Gibian put
it best:
        "Many of these licensing systems detect clock rollbacks as attempts
         circumvent the licensing enforcement and will void your licenses
         when you reset your clock after Y2000 testing."

* The Year 2000 patch clusters can be found at

        Because of the necessary PROM upgrades, testing has been delayed
until at least next month, which should give us some time to actually think
about what we're going to do.

        Thanks again to everyone.

Lou Avrami

-Original Message-
>Hello all,
> Upper management came by today and said that we must do a Year 2000
>test on a test server on Monday! They wish us to roll the date forward to
>Dec 31, 1999, and then see what will fail, if anything.
> My concern is after the testing is completed, and we try to roll the
>date back ... does anyone know of any "gotchas" that may occur?
> We're running Solaris 2.5.1 on a 1000E. We're in the process now of
>installing the 2.5.1 Y2K patch cluster.
>Lou Avrami
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Lou Avrami

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