[SUMMARY] Can you run Xapp from Cron?

From: foster@bial1.ucsd.edu
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 18:16:25 CDT

[SUMMARY] Can you run Xapp from Cron?

Original question was whether you can run an X application from cron,
when noone is logged in (and hence there is no X server running). I
knew this was a shot in the dark, but I had to try...

General concensus was that you need an X server running; either the
local one, or you can direct the output to a remote X server using
the DISPLAY environment variable (this would have to be included in
the script run by cron). Of course if you use a remote X server then
that system must accept X requests from the local system (set up using
"xhost" command on the remote system).

Jochen Bern mentioned a "null" X11 Display being available with newer
X11 versions (X11R6 and up). I haven't had time to look into this.

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> Is it possible to run an X application using CRON, when noone
> is logged in on the machine (Solaris 2.5)?
> We have scripts that run DBMSCOPY in batch mode to convert a *long*
> list of files, and we would like to use CRON, but of course DBMSCOPY
> is an X application.
> I've checked the FAQ, and the Sun Manager's archives, as well as
> several reference books, but haven't found anything. I know this
> is probably a dumb question, but if it is possible that would be
> worth the embarassment.
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