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Problem summary:

I have a Sparc 5 (2.6) with 2 NICs on the same subnet. I want to use the
10Mbs for NIS and the 100Mbs for NFS. I followed the directions for
creating a multihomed host (touch /etc/notrouter; put different IP
addresses into /etc/hostname.le0, /etc/hostname.hme0). I was getting
traffic for the hme interface on the le interface and vice-versa. How do
I separate the interfaces?


The ieee 802.3 standard does not allow for such a configuration. I had
an IP address for each of the interfaces (for example and but they share the same ether address 8:0:20:xx:yy:zz. Matthew
and Seth suggested changing the ether address of one of interfaces to a
non-existent (in my network) ethernet address (Matthew suggested
8:1:20:xx:yy:zz, Seth suggested 8:0:20:xx:yy:zz+1). I have currently
taken down the le0 interface but will try changing the ethernet address
when time permits.

Marco provided a high-level overview of how hosts talk on a network.
Matthew filled me in on the 802.3 standard.

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Sun managers:

I have a Sparc5 (2.6) with an SBus 100Mbs NIC configured as hme0. I also
have the le0 interface configured with a different IP address. I would
like to use the le interface for NIS and the hme interface for NFS.

So far I've:

touched /etc/notrouter
echo "$IPADDR_LE0" > /etc/hostname.le0
echo "$IPADDR_HME0" > /etc/hostname.hme0

After the reboot ifconfig -a shows the proper IP addresses for each of the
interfaces and the ether addresses are the same for both interfaces.

Without setting up NIS on le0 I've already noticed traffic on this
interface using snoop. Some NFS automount directories are not mounting on
this machine now and I suspect that the wrong interface is being used.

Any thoughts?



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