SUMMARY: Is anyone using Gigabit-Ethernet?

From: Jared Perkins (
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 09:42:23 CDT


The short version of my question:

We have an Ultra 1 170 with one Fast Ethernet, we might be adding a second
card soon. Clients are 16 PowerMacintosh computers. I forgot to add that
we're using Appleshare AFP over TCP. We're all using Fast Ethernet. Some
Of the Mac users are Adobe Photoshop users who work on 30-100MB images all
day. Everyone complains that connection is slow 2MB/s when it could be
4MB/s or more. When the server pushes a 100+MB postscript file to our
imagesetter, everyone notices. The raid isn't being pushed to the limit.
What can I do? Is a gigabit ethernet switch the solution.

Here is what I'm going to recommend for us:

We're not using full-duplex to begin with. We were using Asante Netdoubler
which was buggy using full-duplex. We've never changed back. Our switch is
an older unmanaged one, It has 24 10baseT ports and 2 100baseT ports. It
connects to 3 or 4 100baseT hubs. Everyone asked me if we were using a
switch, and I kept thinking of ours. Al Hopper recommended a Cisco
2916M-XL. Each port is 10/100baseT. It has 2 expandable modules. I'm
taking a look at this.

Thanks to:

Brad Young, Harry Levinson, Matt Reynolds, Danny Johnson, Al Hopper, Kelly
Setzer, Jason Axley, Bismark Espinoza, Jamie Lawrence, Marc S. Gibian, Tom
Morini, and John P. Spenco.

Jared Perkins
Graphic Color Service

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