SUMMARY: Can't start Openwin 3.414 on SunOS 4.1.4

From: Dave (
Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 11:26:37 CDT

  See end for original problem statement.
  There were several replies.
  Most dealt with the feeling that there was still an X process still
running. They all basicly said: "do a process grep for any openwin
processes that are open and kill them.". As I stated in the original
message, I had rebooted this machine several times, and the problem
"survived" each reboot.
  I checked the SunSolve database, and the only bug report (Bug ID 1180290)
was based on a problem with x-processes that didn't shutdown after you quit
OW (see above). This would have been solved with a reboot.
  I even went as far as tar'ing the openwin directory from a machine that
ran openwin fine, and un-tar'ing onto the "broken" machine. No change.
  The reason I was getting the message "openwin: There is already a server
running on :0" was the checkOW (in the openwin script) was returning a
value other than 0. The canned response, in the openwin script, is this
  The question is: Why was getting something other than 0.
  I ran 'checkOW' from the command line, then did 'echo $status' to find
that it was returning 255. I modified the openwin script to expect 255, and
it went as far as trying to start the graphics, and then died. So that
didn't help.
  One suggestion was to eliminate the checkOW line in the script. That
wouldn't work (see above).
  The problem turned out to be: There REALLY was another process running,
but it had nothing to do with X or Openwindows.
  Many thanks to David Mitchell. He made suggestions that allowed me to see
that the big hole in my foot was put there by me.

" telnet localhost 2000 and then telnet localhost 6000, if you get anything
other than 'connection refused', it shows that some process has already
grabbed one of the two ports used by the X server. This is what checkOW
tests for (port 2000 anyway, I'm not sure about port 6000). "
  I got a connection to port 2000 and a connection refused for 6000. That
indicated something was using port 2000 for some reason. The next
suggestion was to get lsof and check the port:
  I got it from: Look in pub/tools/unix/lsof
  lsof -i TCP:2000
  The response showed that my Apache Web server was using port 2000. I had
picked 2000 several months (years???) ago as a "safe" port to use to allow
clients to manage their own web space using something like Frontpage. Had I
known, I could have picked up a lottery ticket that day too.
  When I killed the httpd deamons, changed the openwin script back to it's
original, Openwindows worked the first time.
  Thanks for the replies.

  Original Problem:
> When I try to run Openwin on my SS10 w/ SunOS 4.1.4, I get a message:
> sjserver{root}3: openwin
> openwin: There is already a server running on :0
> sjserver{root}4:
> This has been happening for a LONG time. I have been using this system in
> a plain terminal mode, but I would really like to get Openwin running again.
> Openwin used to work. I can't remember exactly what I did to screw it up,
> but I belive it had something to do with trying to get openwin to run on a
> different console (I know now that isn't possible).
> The various parts seem to work.
> If I am at a second machine (running openwin on that machine), telnet
> into this machine, "setenv DISPLAY 2ndmachine:0.0", "xhosts +", then run
> cmdtool, filemgr or such, they all work fine.
> This machine has been rebooted countless times. I have tried the "xhost
> +" command. I have tried "setenv DISPLAY sjserever:0.0". I have looked in
> some of various locations for a tmp file that points someplace else.
> Is the a easy way to fix this; or do I have to reinstall openwin?
> Dave

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