SUMMARY : Xsun memory keeps on increasing

From: Amol Karnik (
Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 09:02:48 CDT

Hi all,

it took me a week summarize since responses were still coming in. But
here's the summary now!

my original question was : -

> > i'm referring to an Ultra2, with 2 200MHz cpus, and 512MB RAM and 1.5Gb
> > swap. Solaris2.5.1, Feb 98, patches.
> > I work on the console, and there are two other people whose XTerminals
> > are connected to this machine at all times. So there are at least 3 ppl,
> > on this machine, always.
> >
> > When the machine boots up, and all three of us logon to it, and i do a
> > top, i can see that the Xsun process is about 120Mb in size. After a
> > while the size increases to almost 280Mb! If i logout now, and the login
> > again, the Xsun server memory size comes down to around 120Mb, and then
> > after a while starts increasing.
> >
> > has anyone come across this before please? is this something i should
> > spend my time trying to find out the causes of? I believe the machine
> > performance must be getting affected by this, isnt it?


Answers :

well, it turns out that this is not a thing to worry about. The memory
size of Xsun is not very important, its the resident size which is
critical. In my case, the resident was around 20-30MB only.

Xsun has had memory leak problem, and there are patches out there for
it. I already had patch 103566-25 installed for Xsun, but i went ahead
and installed the latest one nevertheless.
The newest one is 103566-27. I havent seen the size of Xsun climb to
more than 150Mb after that.

And, i committed the most horrendous crime of all. Didnt go through the
Solaris FAQ before posting this question. THe FAQ does indeed have a
section on "Why is Xsun such a memory pig?".
My apologies to the group.

Thanks very much to the ppl who responded. I was unable to reply to all
Dan Pritts <>
Matt Reynolds <>
Thomas Anders <>
Sean Ward <>
Marc S. Gibian <>
Mark Belanger <>
Greg Ackerson <>
Dave <>



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