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Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 09:00:09 CDT

Oh ! this was an easy one. I received many replies all suggesting almost the
same solution.

Thanks to :

Carsten B. Knudsen
Anthony Worrall
Shobhit Kapoor
Harvey Wamboldt
David Thorburn-Gundlach
Matthew Stier
Solution : Make an entry as

xyz / server:/xyz \
        /xxx server:/xyz/xxx

Original question :
> I am sorry if this is already covered and answered,
> I am trying to mount /xyz and /xyz/xxx from a nfs server using an automount.
> /xyz and /xyz/xxx both are coming from same nfs server and are two different
> file systems, so if I only mount /xyz I can not access /xyz/xxx.
> so I have,
> /xyz server:/xyz
> /xyz/xxx server:/xyz/xxx
> If I boot the client, and go to /xyz and then to /xyz/xxx, I can see both
> properly.but randomly one of the file systems becomes unavailable. And if I
> restart autofs on the client it works fine again.
> Is it because automount gets timed out after a while and is not able to mount
> the same sequence ?
> The question is ,Do I need to have some special entry for automounting these
> filesystems.

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