SUMMARY: ps, uptime, & pstat give errors

From: Sean Ward (
Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 15:08:24 CDT

Hi managers. Sorry for the late summary, but I wanted to make sure I had the
problem solved. I also wanted to give Sun time to come out and take a look.
The original question is at the end. First off, thanks to the following: (Scott R. Herman)
Peter Polasek <>
Frank Cusack <> (Russ Poffenberger)

Most of the suggestions were to check the permissions on ps, /dev/mem, and
/vmunix. Those were ok. What ended up fixing the problem was reinstalling the

Original question:
> Hi managers. I have an old IPC running 4.1.4. When running any of the above
> commands, it gives the following error:
> /dev/mem: error on kas: Bad address
> ps also gives the following error:
> ps: could not read kernel VM
> I looked at a previous summary which indicated this error means that the
> kernel image in memory is not the same as /vmunix on disk. However, I don't
> think this is the case this time. I've rebuilt a couple of different kernels,
> and they all compiled without errors and booted up fine. I've also checked the
> eeprom settings to make sure it really is using /vmunix to boot up with, and
> it looks like it is. Here's the boot-from line:
> boot-from=sd(0,0,0)vmunix
> My memory of these older architectures is a bit rusty, but I think that's an
> OK entry. There is no "boot-device" line, so I figure "boot-from" is the one
> to use. The messages files are rather silent about any problems, but they do
> confirm that root is on sd0a, which is where /vmunix is.
> Is there anything else to check that I'm overlooking?

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