SUMMARY: SPARC 5 disk/memory

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 15:51:37 CDT

Thanks for all the response, I believe I got all I want!

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> Feng,
> Here you go. I didn't know if you wanted a narrow or wide
> external drive, so I quoted both. Note, you need to order
> qty. 2 of the memory.
> ----------- ----------- -----
> LX-2159UN-SE Lynx 9GB 72 Disk Subsys,UN,SE $1033
> LX-0300SK Lynx US Starter Kit,SCSI2 44
> LX-2159UW-SE Lynx 9GB 72 Disk Subsys,UW,SE $1081
> LX-0305SK Lynx US Starter Kit,FW SCSI 44
> F-MM DRS05T/32 MEM 32MB (1 X 32MB) SUN S5 $ 155


Leif Ericksen <>

Hi, upon many people's request, here's a compiled list of Sun resellers
     some of them are more than just Sun resellers, of course ):
     Bay State Computer Group- 617-623-3100 Steve Hiltz Boston, MA
     CIC Systems 781-255-3393 Kristine Lake Boston, MA
     CIC-Systems 800-426-7539
     Concorde Group 800-333-2786
     Falcon Systems
     Marathon Sparc Solutions 800-783-7354 Julie Hall Mountian View, CA.

     Mendelson Associates 415-339-0200 Sausalito, CA
     Pacific Computer Expansions, Inc. 714-458-5738 Rial
     Partners Data Systems 800-550-3005 San Diego, CA
     Rave Computer 800-317-7283 John Casbar
     Seltech Marketing 216-338-3663 Charlie Butters
     Solar Systems 800-253-5764
     Spring Lake Comp. Exch. 800-826-2196
     Star Systems Engineering, Inc. 717-854-5911 John D. Malick York PA
     Tom Dowd Computer Connection 800-566-4786 x227
     Vangard ( formerly R-Squared ) 800-777-3478
     Western Scientific 619-565-6699 David Jensen
     Work Group Solutions 791-238-8537 Marlon Acuna Boston, MA
     World Data Products 800-553-0592

     Also, the following site has a short list of Sun Resellers, some
     of which are duplicated above:

     I was refered to USENET newsgrous comp.sys.sun.wanted and

     And finally, there're always 2 VARS, Access Graphics and Pacific
     Access , who can always refer you to local resellers ( 3 locations
     Boston area above were suggested to me by a person from Access
     Graphics ).

Matt Reynolds <>

Call 'Dataram' ( - i think) for memory, call Comstor
at 303-442-4747, ask for Kevin Andresen, as for quotes on external or
internal scsi drives. Tell him 'Matt sent you'....
Matt Reynolds
Aztek Engineering, Inc.


 Rick Dempster <>

I have used Vangard Technology for about 8 years. My buying process
consist of
getting quotes from at least 3 third party suppliers, on of which is
then I call back Vangard with the lowest one and let them beat it, which
always have. Using this method, I have purchased most of my disks
Vangard, therefore all of my disk records are in one place. If I have a
fail, I call them up to see if its still under warranty.

This should work for any vender.

I buy my memory from Otter Creek Systems because they were the cheapest
time I checked. It seems I get flyers all the time for memory upgrades,
so I
just pick a couple and used the cheapest price I find.

Phone Vangard Technology --> 800-777-3478
Phone Otter Creek Systems -> 315-841-3308

Hope this helps.


As for your question - RAM can be purchasef from Kingston. For a Sparc 5

These modules are quite a bit less expensive than Sun's and are covered
by a
Lifetime Warranty.

For storage it really depends - you can hook up any old SCSI device to
external port. You do have to be a little more careful when it comes to
upgrading the internal harddisk (as for example with the old ST5660
units). The enclosure is non-standard and there have been a number of
different SCSI connectors in over the last few years. Some disks are
using a 50 pin plug and separate power supply plug, others use the 80
pin SCA2
connector with integrated power supply. You should definitely check all
machines you want to upgrade as for which connector is required. Fitting
adaptor into this case is next to impossible.
As for the drives themselves, any SCSI-2 or up drive will be OK, if you
to stay on the safe side, use a disk with low thermal dissipation when
running your Sparcs in non-airconditioned environments. Modern drives
rotational speeds of 7200 rpm and up can get quite hot.


I had very good reslts with Dataram memory. Ran a network of 100 Sparc
and 150 Sparc 5's with no SIMM failures in a year. Price is much lower
Sun memory products.

Contact Margie McPherson at Dataram, 609.799.0071, ext 263. E-mail her

Good luck,


Hello, all,
     I try to get additional hard disk and RAM for my sparc5. Is there a
good third party's product

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