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From: Michael Cook (
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 09:05:54 CDT

Hello everybody,

    I received many answers to this question, most pointing me in the same
direction. Many thanks to:

        Kun Li, Brooke King, Charlie Mengler, Chris Liljenstolpe, K. Ravi,
Amjad Zamil, Stephen Harris, Jacques Rall, Jim Robertori, David
Thorburn-Gundlach, Robin Landis, Russ Poffenberger, Jeff Kennedy, Peter L.
Wargo, Rik Schneider, Bismark Espinoza, Kristian Forde, Bruce Rossiter, and
Jonathan Loh.

My original question was:


Hello all,
    I'm running 2.5.1 on several Ultra Enterprise 2's, and have been having
a problem with the response times for certain requests from some of them.
When using telnet, rlogin, sendmail, or ftp with certain boxes, the response
time is about a minute, with the ping time being 0ms. Other boxes respond
    First, I checked the OS build date, and they were 3/97, so I downloaded
the recommended patches, and installed them. However 4 of the patches did
not install (104735-02,104915-06,105310-06,105324-01); they returned error
code 8. I downloaded these patches individually, but again they wouldn't
install. The response was:
        #./installpatch .
        Checking installed packages and patches...
        None of the packages included in patch 104915-06
        are installed on this system.

        Installpatch is terminating.

    Then I rebooted the machine and tested the response time - no help.
    Second, I started looking at the nscd daemon man pages & config files.
All seemed the same between the boxes that responded quickly & those that
    Third, I looked at the nsswitch.conf file & the "hosts" entry differed.
The one that responded quickly read:

        hosts files

    while the slowpoke read:

        hosts dns [NOTFOUND=return] files

    I changed the files to read the same, and it provided me with quick
response to telnet, but it is a web server & one of the web pages used a
reference to another site by domain name & it would not resolve properly, so
I changed the call to use the IP# & it worked, but this was only a temp fix,
as I want it to be configured properly. I then changed it back to the above,
and everything works again, but still the slow response.
    I would appreciate any insight into the proper configuration for this
file, and will summarize.
        Thanks a million!!!
            Michael Cook


I received many responses, the solution which worked for me was to:

    1) Change the /etc/nsswitch.conf file hosts line to read:
            hosts files dns
    2) Verify the correct name server in /etc/resolv.conf
    3) Include all local hosts in the /etc/hosts file

Regarding the patch issue, it was pointed out to me that some patches will
only install if the hardware they support is found.

After implementing these changes, lookups (both local & dns) are very fast,
response time to ftp, telnet, etc. is immediate.
    Again, thanks to all...

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