SUMMARY: Fresh install of a 450

From: Chris Knox (
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 13:47:20 CDT

Thanks to all for the prompt answers. Several, like good BOFH's, asked
obvious (and appropriate!) questions to rule out user error (Is there
anything in /usr/man and /usr/share/man?). The cigar goes to Ian
Macphedran who wrote:

: Chris;
: I'm surprised that this isn't in the FAQ. The default installation
: doesn't include man pages. You need to pkgadd the packages:
: SUNWdoc (for nroff)
: SUNWman (for the pages)
: Ian.

Since this server is going to be used as a general purpose server by
various sorts of developers and CAD people, I installed everything
from the Solaris 2.5.1 CD except the audio and graphic device driver.

The only Sun I've installed previously was an Ultra 10. On that one it
seems that the man pages went on with 2.6. I would like to see a better
documentation roadmap. This was a confusing process (sniff).

Thanks to all for your assistance.

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