SUMMARY: Endless printer output

From: David Fitzgerald (
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 10:37:03 CDT

Received two replies to my post, both of which pointed out that there
is a patch to take care of the problem. However, when I installed it
(102964-09), I still had the same problem. I then tried installing the
entire 2.5 Recommended patch cluster, again with no luck. So now I am
back to reinstalling NeWSprint 2.5.

Thanks go to Matthew Stier and Marc Gibian for responding.

My original post:

> I am having a heck of a time solving a printing problem. I searched
> the archives, newsgroups and RTFM'd, but didn't see anything exactly
> like this. If I missed something obvious, I apologize in advance.
> The problem:
> Our print server is a SPARC-2 running NewsPrint 2.5 Rev B, operating
> under Solaris 2.5 printing to a SPARCprinter. The problem is that jobs
> are not being removed from the queue, and furthermore, will print over
> and over until the job is cancelled by hand. Yes only one copy of the
> printout is being requested. The next job will queue up and experience
> the same problem. The student to whom this first happened ended up with
> 63 copies of his weather forecast before he contacted me.
> Some history:
> On 4/14 I installed patches 101655-07 and 101656-11, to supposedly
> allow printing from Adobe Acrobat. Did not have a problem until
> Wednesday 4/22 of this week when the above listed symptoms started. I
> backed out these patches thinking they were the culprit to no avail.
> Called SUN service and although they don't support NewsPrint or
> SPARCprinters anymore (isn't THAT nice!), the rep was kind enough to
> send me patch 102964-09, which was supposed to fix the queuing problem,
> but it didn't help. So I backed that out to get back to the original
> configuration. I then ran rm_np_printer and re-added the SPARCprinter
> with add_np_printer. Still no luck. I knew I was in trouble when the
> SUN rep offered me his condolences in dealing with this problem, so I
> turn to this list for help.
> Here is a list of the current patches our server is running, if that helps:
> Patch: 102113-03 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWsteNP.2 2.5,PATCH=9
> Patch: 101821-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWsteNP.4 2.5,PATCH=6
> Patch: 102114-03 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWsteNP.6 2.5,PATCH=8
> Patch: 102141-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWsteNP.7 2.5,PATCH=10
> Patch: 102211-03 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWsteNP.8 2.5,PATCH=12
> Patch: 102832-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWolrte, SUNWolslb
> Patch: 102841-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWolrte, SUNWolslb
> Patch: 102850-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWolrte, SUNWolinc, SUNWolslb
> Patch: 102835-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWoldst
> Patch: 102837-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWoldst
> Patch: 102839-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWoldst
> Patch: 102846-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWolimt
> Has anyone seen this problem before and can offer some help or
> suggestions? Any chance this could actually be a hardware problem with
> the SPARCprinter? This is a heavily used printer and we can't afford
> to have it down for too long. I appreciate any help you can give!
> Thanks!

David Fitzgerald
Department of Earth Sciences Phone: (717) 871-2394
Millersville University Email:
Millersville, PA 17551

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